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Roger is a speaker, singer, author and song writer.  He was

licensed in the ministry in 1979 and Ordained in 1999.  He has led worship and choirs from small to mega churches.  He has ministered in song and Word on radio and television from Georgia to Ohio along with being a Pastor and Associate Pastor in the past.  He loves to teach on the addiction of Pornography to men's groups, youth and churches as he was addicted to it himself years ago.  Along with his wife Carla, Roger loves to be on the road preaching revivals or speaking and singing in churches/events and has lead a numerous amount of people back into a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Won't you prayerfully consider inviting Roger to minister in Word or song at your church, men's group, youth group or other venues?  I'm sure you will be blessed if you did.  Roger has a minister packet available on CD with recommendations for people like Gerald Crabb and Dr. Joe Arthur.  It also has a few sample of his songs.  It is available just for the asking.




     Roger is a Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Signature Partners . 

Here are 10 reasons you should use Roger as your Real Estate Agent:

1.  In partnership with Keller Williams Signature Partners in West Cobb which-

 is the top listing/selling Real Estate office in Cobb County GA with over 300 agents and a whole team of successful partners that work together.  He also has contact with the best Real Estate Agents throughout all of North America. It doesn't matter if you want to buy/sell, he will make sure you have the best of the best to serve you.

2. Experience in Real Estate-

Roger has over 30 years of experience buying and selling homes. This makes him a strong negotiator. 

3.  Experience in Building-

Roger also worked for over 35 years in the remodeling business which gives him the advantage of knowing both cost and fixes of problems that may be found in a home.

4.  Experience in Home Inspections-

Roger has been in the Home Inspection business for over 15 years.

He is certified with NSHI (National Society of Home Inspectors) and a graduate of Professional Home Inspectors Institute.  He annually receives at least 6 hours of more class time to keep him sharp in his field.  With this experience, Roger can often pin point problems in a home so the seller can fix them or the buyer can be aware of them.

5.  Roger is a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Cobb Board of Realtors.  These organizations make agents hold to a higher standard than most and provided education and more to help make a Realtor a cut above regular agents.

6.  Communication-

As sad as it may be, over 50% of real estate agents never return the calls to other agents or to their client/customers.  Roger is committed to keeping in touch with all that is involved in a transaction.  He will return ALL calls as soon as possible.

7.  Integrity-

So many people lack integrity these days.  Roger will be honest in any area of his life, be it in ministry, job, family and friends or business deals.  He gets this from a good family upbringing and his faith.

8.  Loyalty-

Roger never allows clout or money control his loyalty that he has with others.  He treats EVERYONE with respect and loyalty the same.

9.  Dedication-

Roger is not only dedicated to his client/customers while doing a business deal but is also dedicated to helping them in any area they may need.  It could be help with an issue of something breaking down in their home to needing spiritual guidance on an issue in life.  He is dedicated to service YOU!   

10-  Commitment-

Roger doesn't leave in the street after a deal is finished.  Roger's slogan is ; You are not just a client, "YOU'RE FAMILY". This is not just a statement, it is what he truly lives by.  Roger wants everyone that makes a connection in his life to stay in a life long committed relationship just as if they were his on family. 

     So, from the White House or an Outhouse, buying or selling, TOGETHER we will make your dreams come true.

     Contact Roger at (email) for a free app that will allow you to search for homes all over the US, a free mortgage calculator and more and the best part is, Roger is just one click on the app away.


     Roger has been in the home inspection business for over 15 years.  He is certified under NSHI (National Society of Home Inspectors.  He is a graduate of PHII (Professional Home Inspection Institute). 

     Roger is very detailed in his inspections but writes the reports so that the average person can understand.

     Roger offers valuable information on home repairs, household hints, cooking and more through email.  Make sure you go to our contact page to be added for these valuable emails.  Also, if you go to Rogers Virtual Gospel Outreach website, there will be information on how to receive his weekly sermons and more.

     For more information on both of these and Roger's ministry, go to the link section of this webside and click the appropriate link.


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